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A HireMyMa Directory listing is a great way to supplement existing website information, making your business appear more credible online and appear higher in search engine rankings.

The story

We all know the story. Years ago people trawled through thick paper directories in search of products and services.

Then along came the internet, and these bulky directories were consigned to history, a distant memory along with the Sony Walkman, video cassette tapes and double denim.

A couple of decades and a global pandemic later we find ourselves in an increasingly digital world, a world where 70,000 Google searches occur every second and one that requires businesses to have an effective online presence to survive.  Those ‘thick paper directories’ are not dead, they are digitised and remain paramount to unlocking your customer base, allowing you to remain competitive.  It’s highly important to think differently, creatively and strategically to ensure your company remains competitive in our internet age.

Whilst there are >1.5 billion websites, 85% are inactive, leaving about 400 million alive and kicking. Harsh search engine algorithms used by Google and Bing give preference to businesses featured more frequently online.  Registering your organisation in an online directory, will enhance your brand SEO (search engine optimisation) increasing your search engine ranking.  Simply put, the more places your business is featured online, the more likely it is to be found.

Online directories are a simple and effective way of amplifying your organisation’s online visibility, providing your business with an increased opportunity of being noticed and contacted by potential customers.  Let’s explore some of the benefits of featuring in an online directory and why it is necessary for increasing recognition and business growth:

6 Ways Directories Can Benefit YOUR BUSINESS​

Do you want to take your business to new heights? Check out this short interactive video that illustrates some of the key benefits of joining our online business directory made specifically for mum & female carers.

6 Ways Directories Can Benefit YOUR BUSINESS​

Do you want to take your business to new heights? Check out this short interactive video that illustrates some of the key benefits of joining our online business directory made specifically for mum & female carers.

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Boost traffic to your website

Whether you offer digital services or are a traditional bricks and mortar business, having your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information featured on relevant online directories could translate to real value.  Prospective buyers reading online posts are very likely to click on links to find out more about the products and services on offer. Traffic gained this way is known as ‘referral traffic’ and since searchers have chosen to click on the links voluntarily, they are usually more targeted and less likely to leave the page fast. This is known as having a low bounce rate, which usually results in an increase in sales conversion.

Improve Backlinks

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are crucial to your website’s domain authority.  When a webpage links to any other page, it is called a backlink. Having more of these in place are vital, as search engine bots discover new webpages by following backlinks from existing webpages, meaning that pages with more backlinks, tend to rank higher on search engines.

Online directories are a great source for backlinks that direct customers to your main website, ranking you higher on search engines and boosting your SEO.

Affordable marketing

It is the goal of any business to achieve a good ROI (Return on Investment) and as a brand visibility tool, online directories are a powerful and inexpensive way to drive qualified prospects to your site.

Many companies look at the low cost of using directories as branding investment, rather than a direct marketing cost and the reasons why are clear.  Whether you are looking to reach new markets by harnessing an online global network of buyers, or wish to engage a more local audience through targeted regional ads, directories broaden your online presence by displaying your advertising to buyers, who are at the point of purchase.

Strengthen your online brand

Featuring in online directories confirms your business as genuine and reputable, leading to greater consumer trust.  An attractive, informative listing enables customers to buy into your brand story, allowing you to control your business’ narrative, convey your vision and connect with prospective customers. 

Every successful business you see around you has capitalised on creating an online brand identity.  Online directories are an easy, low-cost way of achieving this.  Branding is the consistent story you tell your customers across all consumer touchpoints.  You have probably set up your website and have your social media platforms up and running, directories act as an additional touchpoint for potential customers in forming your brand identity and your story.

Listing your business on relevant and quality directory pages is an excellent strategy for increased recognition and business growth. Knowing what constitutes a good directory is essential, so be sure to use only those that provide the following three main features:

Human Approval

High quality directories achieve greater traffic. To ensure your business is advertised with other quality companies, choose directories that require manual approval.  Directories that do this have a set of internal quality guidelines, with the manual screening process ensuring all companies listed are of a consistent, high quality.  The alternative is being lost in myriad, inappropriate listings that have been automatically posted.

Open Referral Links

Effective directories pass Google Page Rank links to your website within directory listings: however, ineffective directories block customers from achieving direct access to your business through a “no follow attribute”. This prevents customers from directly accessing your services and forcing them to go through the directory instead, rendering your links useless.

Manual Submission

Good directory websites require listings to be entered manually.  It is advisable to steer clear of websites that use automated submission software, as there is strong evidence that those directories will be of little benefit to your company.

To grow your business locally, nationally and internationally it must BE FOUND. Increase your DISCOVERABILITY by joining the digital market place via membership of an appropriate directory like the HireMyMa Business Directory, a directory designed for mums by mums.

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