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Cedar Vitae is a holistic, natural yet luxury brand which creates products with your wellbeing, healing, growth and self empowerment in mind.

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Cedar Vitae is a holistic, natural and luxury brand which aids healing, growth and wellbeing through conversation and products.

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What motivated you to start your business?

I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter at 21, shortly before I graduated from university with my child nursing degree.

Prior to me giving birth to my daughter, I always had it in my mind to ensure that I continue to motivate myself to do and be better and to always reach for my goals regardless of my child/children. 2 years later, I still tell myself this. 

I wanted to create a safe and holistic space for young mothers as I realised that there are not enough spaces for us. Society also label us to be things such as reckless or irresponsible, which is far from the case. All mothers, regardless of their age grow and learn but young mothers are made out to be the only ones who make decisions which may not be the right choice. Young mothers are exceedingly strong, motivated and caring. 

As there are limited spaces for young mothers, I decided to create a space which was originally called watermeslowly where young mothers can heal, grow and become their unapologetic self whilst being a mother. 

I shortly realised that I would love to create products to help with this process, therefore I rebranded watermeslowly with Cedar Vitae. 

What three characteristics best describe you?


Easy going


In your business, what do you think is the most essential, item or process?

The most essential part of Cedar Vitae is that it is holistic, natural and luxury. Cedar Vitae is a space for growth, wellbeing, self care and more, I cannot promote these things yet create products which go against peoples wellbeing! 

All products which are and will be created will aid the process of self care. 

What do you think the greatest challenges are for new mother entrepreneurs?

Time! As a mother, you are juggling caring for your child/children, relaxation, work, friendships, family, your business, dating, if you are dating again and a lot more. All these things are important and being a mother whilst trying to fit these things in is difficult. 

What advice would you offer to other mothers who want to start their own business?

Start now and stop hesitating! 

It is easy to stay in the I am ready but not ready to launch stage as fear is stopping you. However, remaining in this stagnant stage does not help you! You want more for yourself otherwise you would not be ready, stop limiting yourself and allow who you truly are to flourish. 

Another tip is to surround yourself with people who truly care about who you are and what you wish to achieve as well as follow people who motivate and inspire you. It is important that your environment is one which promotes happiness and growth. It is hard to become who we need to be for ourselves if those around us doubt us, demotivate us and more. 

Having people around you who makes you feel positive makes the process of growth easier for you. 

What do you enjoy most about running a business?

That I am doing/working on something that I love. For me, life is about living and to live, you need to try to be who you need to be for yourself in all aspects. This includes your career, you do not need to work for yourself but I believe you need to do what you love. 

When people place orders and give me reviews about the product it also motivates me more, knowing that they love what they have bought. 

I also love the fact that when my business grows I can be around for my daughter and future children when they need me. Working for myself means that I can do what I need to do whilst caring for who I want to care for and those who care for me. 

Lastly, my  daughter and future children will be able to benefit from Cedar Vitae. 

What is your greatest professional moment?

Launching Cedar Vitae and getting sales! 

How do you start your day?

I usually start my day by playing with my daughter but I want to create a routine where I exercise first thing and then follow up with a great breakfast. 

After a long day at work, how do you unwind?

I currently work 12 hour night shifts so I get back home in the morning. Therefore, I drop my daughter to nursery and then sleep for the shift in the evening or I would drop my daughter to nursery and then sleep from the past night shifts. 

However, I once again want to create a routine which incorporates exercise as this is something important to me. 

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