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AMA Homes
Professional mum of 2 with a background in accounting and real estate. Feel free to drop me a message, let's connect!


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We offer a portfolio of Liverpool centred housing around the sought after area of Wavertree. All of our AMA homes properties are owned by us – we are not an agent – so we can offer safe, secure, premium quality student properties.


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Business Journey

I am a London based mum of two with a background in accounting and finance.

I started AMA Homes with aims to provide flexible & high-quality accommodation to students after experiencing the harsh side of student accommodation through my daughter's time at university. It was common for student landlords to hike up prices and use contractual loopholes to the deficit of the tenants, it was my aim to introduce integrity in the student rental market. This business ethos is what AMA Homes is identified by & students recognise our fair rental terms with accessible contracts that make it easier for all involved.

In addition to this, although very busy, owing my own business has allowed for additional flexibility in my life. I am able to work and travel abroad, making memories and connecting with other likeminded people in places I would never have dreamed of.

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