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About Catnams Natural Hair Food

Catnams is a British African owned and operated manufacturer of Afro Natural Hair products, using natural ingredients.  The products are formulated and developed by an African woman with Afro hair in mind.  Catnams Natural Hair Products can be used by women, men and children with natural and relaxed hair, of Afro – Caribbean descent.

Our Mission 

  • To provide natural hair products that are very conducive to hard water areas/countries

  • To commit to product excellence, research, and development

  • To provide value for money

  • To provide a positive role model to the community

  • To manufacture quality natural hair products for the Sub-Saharan Africans with type 4C and D hair.

Our Vision 

To make Catnams a household name.

To make Catnams the Number One natural hair product in the Sub-Saharan countries.



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Catnams Natural Hair Food is a natural product developed for Afro-Caribbean people with type 4 hair, (often referred to as “Kinky” or full of tight coils/tightly curled hair). This type of hair has always been overlooked by hair product manufacturers. It is completely free of silicone and parabens, it’s developed to stimulate growth and retain moisture for longer periods of time. It softens type 4 nourishes roots and makes thick coarse hair very manageable and visibly healthy.


Special Offers

Natural Hair Food
This product, the first of its kind is composed of relatively few, but very essential and natural ingredients. It is used in the form of an ointment which makes spread on to the hair/scalp easier and is left coating the hair when the water evaporates.

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Soft, Shiny, Silky, healthy looking and more...
Catnams Natural Hair Food is an oil based hair conditioner with lanolin (or slightly altered forms of it), as a major ingredient. Lanolin is a good substitute for human sebum.

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