We’re a Women-Led Company on a Mission to make other women-led, service-based businesses and social enterprises stand out online, like a Unicorn in a field of horses.

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We analyze where you are with your branding, website, and online presence. We listen to your business goals to uncover where you want to be. Then we develop a strategy to get you there.

We build sustainable solutions for your brand, website, and online strategy that lead to revenue streams by maximizing the potential your business and workflows online.

We stay connected with you to support your online presence by maintaining your website, monitoring your progress, and making recommendations for improvements. When you're ready to grow some more, we are too.

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Geek Unicorn

Who Own's It


Rachel is the owner of Geek Unicorn. She helps women-led businesses elevate to a professional playing field by creating brands and websites that stand out online, like a Unicorn in a field of horses. On top of that, she's a shameless sharer of knowledge and loves to give away her best web design, branding, and SEO tips.

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Hi, I'm Rachel.
I've been building websites for 25 years. I've spent my career touching all things online, including sales & marketing, consumer technologies, and communications. I'm excited to activate the full potential of your online presence and website by uncovering extra revenue streams and making workflows more efficient. In this 2-hour focused session, we'll improve your business together by finding solutions that work for you and your brand, regardless of where you're starting from.

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