Handmade by Johnson & Yarde
Johnson & Yarde create handmade soy wax candles safer to use in your home and better for the environment. Meaning you can comfortably fill your home with beautiful aromas whatever the weather!

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Our candles are made from soy wax with wooden wicks, which are better for you, last longer and throw scent better than a standard shop bought candles. Soy candles burn cleaner, producing less soot and making it safer to burn your favourite scents in your homes.

From Tropical Vibes to our Staples range, our candles will keep your home smelling great whatever you prefer. All scents are infused with an essential oil for that extra boost!

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Handmade by Johnson & Yarde

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I am mummy to one little girl with another on the way. Being classed as a 'young mum' I feel I am only at the start of our journey! I still have so much that I would love to do and achieve and starting this 'side hustle' is my first step in building the life that I have dreamed of for my family and I.

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I recently decorated my living room and as you do you want it to look and smell nice so I ventured out to buy some candles. However, when I went to blow my candle out one evening I noticed the black smoke coming off of the wick and was a little choked up by the fumes. I researched the candle I had bought and found that it was made from parrafin wax, which emits harmful subtances when burnt. From that moment I decided to make my own!

Intially I wanted them just for my own benefit but then I thought why not try to sell them too. I am mum to a wonderful little four year old and we have a another baby on the way! While I did not worry about money I began to consider the implications of what a second child would mean, more food, more clothes and potentially a less flexibly for a little while (if baby no.2 breastfeeds the way my first born did!). I decided that in the run up to maternity leave I would take the leap and launch a small business that could top up our family finances while creating beautiful smelling and most importantly safer candles for our homes!

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50cl 3 wick soy wax candles! Chose your favourite scents from Coconut and Lime, Mango and Passionfruit or Watermelon.

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