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As a Business member you will not only, increase your potential for discovery or accelerate growth of your brand awareness, you will also be part of a community of other like minded mothers.  This will allow you to form supportive business relationships and receive discounts from other members and as the community grows, much more. Customers will have the knowledge that every time they make a purchase via the Directory they are supporting and empowering mums and carers of local, niche businesses and that their purchases come with a personal, caring service with the added benefit of greater value for money. Check out a number of others here

Regardless of the age of their children, the Directory is for mothers/ carers who have fought hard to set up their own businesses whilst at the same time raising a family.  The goal is to support the economic independence of professional and creative mother/ carer owned enterprises, whilst at the same time enabling their discovery by as wide a range of the buying public as possible.

Whether you are a mother or a carer you are welcome to join and list your enterprise on the HireMyMa Directory.

Statistically, women with dependents have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 25% of mums/ carers using annual leave, 18% reducing work hours and 7% taking unpaid leave in the midst of the crisis, just to manage childcare!

The pandemic has exposed (even more), the gender inequality that exists in the workplace.  Through our Directory we will be foremost in encouraging companies and consumers to take deliberate, actionable steps to enable more women with dependents achieve success.

HireMyMa uses a strict vetting process prior to accepting enterprises as members of our Directory.  Through this we ensure that all enterprises we list are high-quality, legitimate and run by mums/ carers.

If you require any assistance with your HireMyMa Directory account please email us at info-directory@hiremyma.com.  Our team will always be available to deal with any of your queries or concerns.



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