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Individuals and organisations can use accountants and accountancy businesses for a variety of financial services. These services are often divided into three categories:
  • Tax accounting includes things like coaching self-employed people and firms on how to fill out their tax filings.
  • Forecasting and cost reporting based on budgets are examples of management accounting.
  • Financial accounting includes tasks such as preparing end-of-year statements for shareholders, filing VAT returns, and bookkeeping.
Individuals can benefit from the services of an accountant in areas such as debt consolidation and understanding the processes involved in obtaining inheritance tax or dealing with a tax rebate. Accountants may assist established businesses in a variety of ways, from producing end-of-year accounts for HMRC to auditing all elements of their financial operations. Accountants may also help those who want to establish their own business, from setting up a single trader through self-assessment to instructing them how to set up a limited company. It is good advice to find an accountant near you but with the growing online presence and technology, always do your diligence before working with accounting firms in the UK. What Services do Accountants Provide? Most accountants provide the following accountancy services as a matter of course. However, to avoid disappointment or delays, it’s always a good idea to double-check beforehand. Advice on Debt Management A local accountant may be able to assist you if you are in debt or having trouble paying payments. Often, all this entails is educating you how to better manage your finances and get the most of your money. Bookkeeping The majority of accounting firms will provide a bookkeeping service, which is essentially an enhanced data and record-keeping service that can be used to generate a variety of comprehensive reports. This might range from revenue and expense reporting to interest and investment calculations. Some accounting services also contain proactive elements, such as pursuing debtors for payments, depositing cheques, and dealing with suppliers and creditors on your behalf, such as HMRC.
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