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Agriculture and farming business have boomed over the recent years. The shift towards organic food and a healthy diet has helped farmers grow more fruits and vegetables. This demand has led to a profitable business not just for food but for exotic plants, herbs and other such food. Agriculture business requires minimal investment.  Apart from growing fruits and vegetables, growing organic fertilizer business also requires a small investment and gives good return with little knowledge and training anyone can enter. Organic fertilizer business requires small space as compared to farming. Flower business is another business which works well, the demand for flowers especially rises during festival seasons and has a good shelf life. Flowers are also used in aromatic oils and hence serve many purposes. Growing, processing, and selling flowers is a good way to make money. According to the BBC, UK farmers receive more than £3 billion a year via the Single Farm Payment. This is roughly £28,300 per farm, although this includes around £3,000 of environmental subsidies, such as for planting woodland. Overall the average annual salary of farm workers is around £25,578 – close to the national average income of £26,500.
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