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Thousands of people across the world have made money from art, craft design and media by turning their hobbies into full time work. With the advent of the internet this phenomenon has become a rapid trend. To start this business one needs to have some basic skills although if a person lacks those skills he/she can acquire them by learning through various online or offline sources. Sellers can now reach millions of buyers through online websites and portals like eBay, Facebook Marketplace etc. Selling designer dresses, paintings, artwork work, greeting cards, tote bags and other such art related works are quite popular online.  To start your own arts and crafts business you should first  Step 1: Decide your category Step 2: Write down a business plan.  Step 3: Choose a trendy name.  Step 4: Register a business entity.  Step 5: Select the best products and services you wish to promote.  Step 6: Decide channels to market and sell your work
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