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Our Story

I am Akuah Adade, the carer of four children between the ages of four and seven - the mother of two and guardian of two.

Having forged a successful career prior to motherhood, after the birth of my first child, I realised that in order to sustain a fulfilling career whilst maintaining a family life, I had to do things differently and founded HireMyMa.

The foundation of HireMyMa’s vision is to champion flexibility for mothers in the workplace.  Our initial focus on employment led to the creation of the HireMyMa jobs portal.  Then the coronavirus outbreak happened, the fallout from which has had the most serious impact on employment, especially women’s employment.  This encouraged me to accelerate the development of our self-employment and business ownership support services and the HireMyMa Directory was born.

The HireMyMa Directory – a place for mums like me who have decided to cultivate their entrepreneurial ambitions by working for themselves, either as freelance self-employed or building and running a business.

The Directory is more than a business index, it is a network of mother owned and led businesses.  A place where members can obtain wide ranging support, increase the discoverability of their brand and if they choose, help and sustain each other.

HireMyMa Directory; bringing together forward thinking, skilled, female entrepreneurs from around the world.


Our Mission

Is to be FUNDAMENTAL to improving the ECONOMIC success of women, in particular mothers; by providing a virtual Business Centre that supports MOTHER OWNED businesses.

Directory Benefits

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